CAMX AWARD 2016, announced by CAMX recognizing Combined Strength and Unsurpassed Innovation

CAMX – The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo is proud to announce the winners of the third annual CAMX Award, sponsored by Ashland. The CAMX Award recognizes two cutting-edge innovations that will significantly impact composites and advanced materials. The award is divided into two categories that embody the spirit of CAMX – Combined Strength and Unsurpassed Innovation.

The winner of this year’s Combined Strength Award is Continental Structural Plastics (CSP) for its innovative multi-material decklid concept. CSP received support from partners at Owens Corning, Compose Tooling Expert, Altair Engineering, PPE, Hexion and Brandolph. The decklid features CSP’s signature TCA Ultra Lite™ on the outside and a carbon fiber resin transfer molded (RTM) material on the inside. CSP says the decklid weighs just 12.11 pounds, which is a 13 percent weight savings over a similar decklid made from aluminum.
The winner of this year’s Unsurpassed Innovation Award is Kreysler & Associates for its ultra-lightweight and fire-resistant fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) cladding panel system. The cladding was used to make the façade for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). The façade contains 700 “rain screen” panels, which cover and help waterproof the 10-story building. The cladding saved “an enormous amount of weight and installation cost” in the construction of the façade compared to traditional glass fiber reinforced concrete.

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