First-ever tsunami-safe building standards issued by Civil engineering society

tsunami-imageThe civil Engineers of American Society has developed has developed this edition of the standards, known as ASCE 7-16, and it’s the first to include a chapter on tsunami hazards, in addition to chapters on seismic, wind and flood hazards.
Daniel Cox, a professor of coastal and ocean engineering at Oregon State University, said that “It introduces a new standard for tsunamis and it makes it consistent with all the other hazards that we already have to deal with: earthquake, flood, high winds,”
Cox and the Oregon State University Wave Research Lab were part of the team of people who studied and came up with the standards, which can be used for new construction or to retrofit current buildings.The standards are good for 6 years and become part of the international building code. States can adopt them in whole or in part.
According to the Proponents the tsunami-safe standards can save lives if a tsunami hits in Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska and Hawaii.

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