International Civil Design & Construction Objective Competition

A unique unified platform for academes, researchers, professionals, scholars, industry, organizations, trade associations and knowledge seekers in the domain of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Step For Registration


Participants are required to register by paying the registration fee (Payment Link Mentioned Below)

Once the registration fee is paid, participants have to fill the registration form


After filling the registration form, participants will receive an Acknowledgment mail regarding their successful submission.

Article Submission

The registration shall be complete after this step. The participant will now be required to submit their article before the deadline at [email protected]

Article Themes

  • Electronics Circuits
  • Telecommunication & Transmission Signals
  • Microprocessors 
  • Electric Sensor Technologies
  • Solid States Devices
  • Conductors, Semiconductors& Insulators
  • Power Line Communication Systems
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Thermodynamics
  • Gas Turbines
  • Solare Systems & Combustion System

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